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Chris Hayes and Naomi Klein Explain Why the Protests in Wisconsin Matter

In English on 2011/02/19 at 16:02

The Nation’s Chris Hayes laid out very plainly why the protests in Wisconsin matter. This move by Gov. Scott Walker is one of a series of power grabs by Republicans with the intent of achieving some of their long time goals; destroying unions and the middle class and getting rid of our public education system.

And as Chris noted, it’s a reminder of the fact that when our political institutions fail us, people mobilizing outside of those institutions through the process of peaceful protests as we’ve seen in Wisconsin have brought about some of the greatest moments of progressive transformation in the United States.

Chris’ fellow contributor to The Nation, Naomi Klein discussed how what Walker doing is a classic example of the Shock Doctrine, where politicians create a crisis and then using that crisis as an excuse to push through horribly unpopular economic policies. And as Hayes and Klein both explained, what ends up happening in Wisconsin is not only going to have local implications, but national as well.

via Chris Hayes and Naomi Klein Explain Why the Protests in Wisconsin Matter | Video Cafe.


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