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Books 4 Vijećnica

In English on 2011/02/20 at 18:30

Welcome to the official site of the BOOKS4VIJECNICA initiative, launched by Humanity in Action Senior Fellow Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The purpose of this action is raising awareness about tragic history of VIJECNICA – formerly the building of the National – University Library BH. Our goal is helping in modernizing and re-establishing the destroyed book collection of Vijecnica for the students of University in Sarajevo! During the four-year long Serb siege of Sarajevo, from 1992 till 1995, Vijecnica was repeatedly shelled by the Yugoslav and afterward by the Serbian army. On the fatal date, the 26th of August 1992, the library building was in flame. Around 80 percent of the book collection, around 2 (two) million publications and more than 6000 valuable rare items and documents as well as the interior of the Library were completely destroyed in the fire. From April to August 1992, in an unforeseen set of events, the Library staff evacuated parts of Library collection to various locations in the city – atomic shelters, basement rooms, university buildings or other cultural centers. Inadequate and “temporary” premises, barely sufficient to accommodate retrieved publications, performed all the tasks of the national library. Not much has changed since then. There have been initiatives in repairing the Vijecnica building, though we believe that there have not been many taken in restoring and modernizing the book collection destroyed in 1992. Therefore, we, a group of young enthusiasts started this action. We believe it is important to revive the destroyed book collection and help the students of Sarajevo by giving them an opportunity to study and learn from foreign contemporary and acknowledged publications.

via – Our initiative is to re-establish the destroyed book collection of Vijecnica.


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