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A spirit of endurance in Japan

In English on 2011/03/18 at 07:43

“Shigata ga nai” is a Japanese expression that roughly translated means, “It cannot be helped.” It also implies a sense of enduring what is happening and of making the best of whatever situation you are in. That concept is an integral part of everyday life here, not only now, but always. This emergency situation is surely one of “shigata ga nai”. And everywhere people are saying, “We have to soldier on. There is no other way.”

Shifting focus off my immediate experiences, please let me continue sharing beautiful, life-affirming things that are happening all around. I am ceaselessly in awe of the emergency infrastructure here. There are not enough supplies, which everyone knows, but the excellently organized system is running like clockwork to the best of its stretched abilities.

via A spirit of endurance in Japan | Blog | Ode Magazine.


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