La lecture quotidienne

It just doesn’t feel right

In English on 2011/04/28 at 10:51

It should give you pause to realize that your judgments of right and wrong – be they about euthanasia, incest, abortion, or kitten masturbation – are subject to a range on non-rational, gut feelings or intuitions rather than under the control deliberative, rational, reasoning processes. The belief that our moral compasses are guided by a set of well thought-out principles that we consciously and painstakingly apply to each new situation is simply inconsistent with the empirical evidence. This belief fails to capture the complexity of moral judgment and it ignores the now well-documented fact that our judgments of right and wrong are driven largely by intuitive and often irrelevant factors that reside largely outside of our awareness.

via It just doesn’t feel right – Soapbox Science Blog | Nature Publishing Group.


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