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Political will closes our eyes

In English on 2011/04/28 at 11:05

Tsunamis are not a Japanese or Indonesian phenomena. The Mediterranean has been the battlefield of devastating monster waves as well. The French, Algerian, Greek and Italian shorelines have been affected. Mediterranean Tsunamis are generated by earthquakes that occur along the plate boundary of the African and Eurasian plates. Scientists do not expect wave heights of 38 metres like in Japan these days, but the potential devastation to infrastructure and life are real.

The political will should follow the demands. The scientist are prepared, the technology is ready to go, even the information infrastructure is in the focus of developers across Europe. But without a clear vote from the EU Parliament, the essential lifesaving measures can not be initiated. Specialist from Japan, who were also present at the press conference in Vienna made a crucial point – without the Japanese Tsunami Early Warning System up to 200,000 lives could have been lost. Fortunately, Japan invested early in tsunami and earthquake research and early warning.

We are talking about 100 million Euro to impliment a system in Europe – pocket change when you compare to recent banking bailouts.

via Euroscientist Blog.


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