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Spanish poet Martin Lopez-Vega: ‘Choose between culture and commerce’

In English on 2011/05/02 at 22:58

Over the last ten years, Lopez-Vega has established himself as one of the key names in the generation of Spanish poets born in the seventies and who are now producing work with their own, mature voice. They tend to look up to poets whose styles are as varied as their origins – German-born Israeli Yehuda Amijai, the Serbia-born American Charles Simic, Denmark’s Henrik Nordbrandt, Joseph Brodsky from Russia… Though not denying his great debt to those writing in his mother tongue, Lopez-Vega sees himself as part of a far broader tradition, distinguishing between neither countries nor continents. ‘If I say that Joseph Brodsky is one of my favourite poets, am I talking about a European or American poet? Without his last phase in the USA, I suspect Brodsky wouldn’t have reached the heights he did. My idea of the poetic tradition is quite similar to what you’ll find in a good poetry section in a bookshop in the United States – they’ve translated just about everything of any value. Having said that, categorising poets as European, American, Israeli and so it would be just a case of checking their passports, which would be deadly boring. In other words, yes. There is such a thing as a universal poetic tradition.’

via Spanish poet Martin Lopez-Vega: ‘Choose between culture and commerce’.


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