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Spanish writer Eugenia Rico: ‘proud to be called a witch’

In English on 2011/05/02 at 23:02

Rico is the perfect example of her own thesis; a short glance at her autobiography shows her life has been anything but normal. She won her first literature prize at the age of five in a Coca-Cola competition, whilst her first text was published when she was eleven. ‘Reading and writing always came so naturally to me,’ she adds. ‘I come from this magical tradition of oral storytelling. When I was small my grandmother would always be telling me stories and fairytales.’ Rico continued to stack up the literature prizes as she completed studies in law, international relations and theatre studies. German bestselling author Daniel Kehlmann is also a prominent fan of her latest novel. ‘It’s my best work so far,’ says Eugenia, who has injected twenty years of writing experience into it, hoping that it would be a pleasure to read as well as a work to stir up reflection. ‘The novel is only the tip of the iceberg for me. The reader has to find out what lies beyond it themself.’

via Spanish writer Eugenia Rico: ‘proud to be called a witch’.


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