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Téa Obreht: “High-School Confidential”

In English on 2011/06/12 at 23:08

This fact, which I proclaimed upon arrival in middle school, was a source of considerable mirth for the powerful few who dictated the social tide. I had announced it on my first day as naturally as I had given my name, because it was already part of how I saw myself, as fundamental to me as sleeping and breathing; it had never occurred to me that I should conceal my love of writing, that it—and not the well-worn “four-eyes”—might arm the greetings of near-strangers in the hall. “Hey, are you writing?” they would say, when I was lacing my sneakers or standing in the cafeteria line. “Are you gonna write this down?” The only comeback I could muster was to chide my assailants on their lack of imagination—to which I remember one girl replying, “Shut up! I imaginate all the time!”

via Téa Obreht: “High-School Confidential” : The New Yorker.


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