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Disney Princes: An Objective Analysis

In English on 2011/09/15 at 17:06

Prince Philip was the first to be a beautiful singer, handsome to a fault, and kick some major ass. You see him first as a kid, making a funny not-so-impressed face at the wailing baby Aurora, but he is reintroduced when a much older and studlier Philip hears a very well developed nearly sixteen Briar Rose singing in the forest. He makes his dashing entrance, sweeping the girl off her delicate bare feet, singing one of the most well known Disney duets, “Once Upon a Dream.” He is thrown into the dungeon by Maleficent, who is one of the most awesomely wicked villians ever, and promptly saved by the Good Fairies so he in turn can save Aurora/Briar Rose, who really is quite useless to be perfectly frank. In the end, Prince Philip is really running the show, fighting off hobgoblins and sprites, and then facing Maleficent turned enormous evil dragon. After a battle of epic proportions, he destroys Maleficent, awakens Aurora with a kiss (another comatose princess, I’m sensing a theme) and they live happily evere after. Hats off, Phil. You, in a word, are awesome

via Disney Princes: An Objective Analysis.


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