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Of cultural differences…

In English on 2011/11/02 at 15:31

Wine mixing did not belong to my cultural habits and I was surprised to become acquainted again with calimucho under the name of bambus when I came to Zagreb. Then, I discovered bevanda, which made me think of my mum’s eau rougie and my dad’s Sunday outcries, except that it was a perfectly normal thing to do in Istria. I tried lovranski bambus, even though mixing Fanta and white wine is a step too far for me (there’s still more French in me than what I think, obviously). Then I started drinking gemišt and my life changed: what was described to me as the perfect summer drink became my perfect drink ever. In France, I started showing up to apéritif with a bottle of white wine in one hand and a bottle of mineral water in the other, eliciting startled looks and comments ranging from the unconvinced “But water is for pastis, not wine!” to the “You’ve learned really weird stuff living over there” steeped in French superiority. Pfff, the French can go to hell with their wine fetish and their rigid traditions, I live in a much more liberated country now. Or so I thought.

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