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Ordinary day, extraordinary love. |

In English on 2012/02/20 at 15:26

Our family celebrates many anniversaries. September 1st is the day Jenn and I “married” in lavish gowns while our guests ate chocolate covered fruits and danced to Baby Got Back. July 30th is the day we passed through metal detectors to renew our vows before a judge. October 15th is the day we met. April 4th is the day Jenn adopted the Bean and the Bear. November 21st marks our first date and the day I adopted the Bean and the Bear.

Though we don’t celebrate them, August 12th was the day we became the first same-sex co-guardians in our conservative home county and August 3rd is the day we flushed $125 down the toilet to become registered domestic partners in our home state.

There is one anniversary that surpasses all others. Today. February 4th.

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